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  Wesley Weaver Owner • CEO

Born and raised in Lancaster, PA, Wes Weaver began his early career working with his father Melvin Weaver in a successful agricultural supply business which continues to operate to the current day. In the interim, he and his brother Kevin ran a construction company up until the year 2000. Subsequently, Wes had returned to work with his father in the Ag business once again, but in 2009 he acted on the opportunity to relocate his growing family to beautiful northern Idaho, and from there to follow his his dream of making his this world we live in a healthier place.


Wes’s interest in nutrition had originally begun about 25 years ago upon his introduction to a healthy coffee company, prompting him to develop his much sought after Café Avarle line of medicinal mushroom blend coffees. As his knowledge in the field of health & wellbeing widened far beyond coffee, he proceeded to build a nutrition supplement company with a well-known presence in the wholesale and retail market.  


One company had caught his attention during this period, and his realization of the uniqueness of Pro Image International products led Wes to embark on a longstanding business relationship with founder / owner, Tony Shaw. This passion for the Pro Image brand, lead him to quickly become one of their largest wholesale clients, and in 2019 Wes came to an agreement with the soon-to-be retiring owner of Pro Image International  to purchase the company along with the many outstanding product formulas the company had developed over the years. He then asked two of Shaw's employees, Josh and Colette, to stay on and continue to work for him in their respective roles. As a team, the three have worked tirelessly to continue the longstanding tradition of the original "Healthy Lifestyle Company".


Wes is married to Lynette, the love of his life, and they have 5 children and 8 grandchildren. He is actively involved in his small country church, and he enjoys, singing and directing choirs, being outdoors, hiking, boating, and snowmobiling with his sons. In addition to Pro Image, he currently owns and operates several businesses including an agricultural supply company, a wholesale bulk foods supply company, and a healthy coffee/supplement company. All of this keeps him fairly busy, but his devotion to Pro Image is paramount.

A Personal Note from Wes: The goal for Pro Image International is to provide a steady supply of quality products and the high level of service every customer expects and deserves. We will always strive to offer the "best of the best" in cutting-edge healthy supplements at affordable prices.




Colette Toomey • Executive Director  
Graphic & Web Design 
Marketing & Social Media
Retail Sales Management

Born and raised in a idillic seaside town on the Southcoast of Massachusetts, Colette earned her BFA from Swain School of Design at SMU Dartmouth. During her lifetime, Colette has enjoyed a career with AT&T, while also owning and operating various businesses including a Texas BBQ restaurant. After relocating to Texas and missing her passion for graphic art/web design Colette began working for Pro Image International where she met wholesale client Wes Weaver and her coworker, Josh Smith. When considering the purchase of Pro Image International, Wes offered to take Colette on as his in-house designer and creative director, and she has since worked side by side with him in product development, graphic and web design, and the day to day operation of Pro Image as well as Wes's myriad of other business ventures.

Colette is mother to 3 amazing girls, 2 well-loved grandchildren, and wife to a most talented musician & music producer. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, sewing, spending time at the oceanside, and her Bichon Frise fur-baby, Lola. 

Josh Smith • Customer Service Specialist


Josh is a life long Texan and a seasoned employee with many years in customer relations and billing. Prior to Pro Image International, Josh worked for over 10 years in accounting for a travel agency. He is also a local Austin Texas guitar player who has shared the stage with countless musicians from across the globe and he still performs on a regular basis in venues throughout the Austin area music scene.


Father of three, in his spare time he enjoys watching and coaching his sons in soccer, art projects with his daughter, bass fishing, and FC Barcelona.

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